We offer 2D and 3D content production

Even cutting edge technology does not allow real-time conversion at acceptable quality. A lot of manual interaction is required to create good conversions. We have developed art and technique to convert your 2D photos to 3D photos. Output format will be in Side by Side format or analygraph. Benefits

  • Virtual world Slide show will incorporate your photos
  • Watch it on any 3DTV
  • Watch it on any 3D mobile phones
  • Any TV, computer and mobile phones using Red-Cyan glasses

3D newspaper production

The decisive factors for the quality of 3D newspaper production are data handling and corresponding data preparation of the images, ideally already shot three dimensionally, or of the 2D images respectively that can be converted to 3D by using suitable software. The technical printing specifications are identical to those for conventional newspaper production; it is highly recommended to adhere to the ISO 12647-3 standard, especially as regards colour values and dot gain. Visual register adjustment based on the image subjects during printing cannot be done, therefore measuring elements for colour and register control are required on every page. The printers working at the press must be informed accordingly and should have 3D glasses at their disposal in order to be able to estimate the effects of the image subjects.